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Classic bits recently restored from old backup tapes:


Esc: 400 Years of Computer Humor by Chris Miksanek

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400 Years of Computer Humor

by Chris Miksanek



It's no longer a threat. We went and collected all of the hardcopies into a book titled, naturally, "MISinformation: The Hardcopies."

MISinformation: The Hardcopies


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What we are
MISinformation is the first and only newsletter of computer humor. If you're a computer professional, hobbyist, or just a casual user, you'll appreciate what we're doing. (Decide for yourself, check out
the MISinformation Archives.)  


What we are...NOT (it's OK to laugh if you caught the Boolean reference)
Most excellent No Pentium Jokes graphicWhile it's difficult to say just what you ll find in any given issue of MISinformation, I'll tell you what you won't find. You won't find any Pentium jokes, "mouseball" memos, or "Microsoft Acquires _____" news releases. We specialize in original humor that's not old by the time it gets to you. In fact, our material is often ahead of its time. Six years ago, when the other industry publications were heralding Steven Jobs NeXT operating system, we were already leaking his newest version: THe ONe AFTeR THAT.  


MISinformation is chock full of computer "news," reviews, cartoons, advertisements (be careful, some of them are real) and just about anything else that you might laugh at. Nowhere except MISinformation, for example, will you find interviews with industry celebrities like Buddy Epson, Gomer Compiler, The Rolling Clones, and Andrew Dice Cray. And you don't just get made-up stories of made-up celebrities, but made-up stories of real celebrities, too. e.g., Milton Berle, "at my age a hard disk is about all my wife can expect," or Vice President and CIO Al Gore defining modem as "what gardener's do to lawns."  


Let's not forget our annual roundup of dubious achievements titled, the MISfortune 500.  


MISinformation also brings you "Milestones in the History of Computing," a sort of "What Happened on This Date in Computer History" where you'll be reminded of the "PC follies" of the likes of Ben Franklin, Abraham Lincoln, and Moses.  


And what publication would be of any use at all without a swimsuit edition? (You don't have to answer out loud, it's a rhetorical question.)

This Day in History...actually, everyday in history -- we don't ever change it!
Shakespeare's Greatest Tragedy...


It is common knowledge that Shakespeare was a prolific writer. But a secret to all but the most astute computer history buffs is his greatest comedy/tragedy: The documentation for a CICS online of the time. Unfortunately, because of its propensity to crash at any hour of the night, the online was coined a "Midsummer Night's Downtime" and was quickly shelved. Truly a greater tragedy was the loss of the original documentation, though scholars of the time archived at least one menu prompt for posterity:


"To logoff or not to logoff, that is the question.

What is your answer?


Enter Y to proceed with session termination."


A Favorite Computer Joke of Ours...
Boss: Why is it every time I come in here I catch you playing games on your PC?
Programmer: Because the carpeting in the halls muffles your footsteps!

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