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Chicago TV Video 1

The Best of Chicago TV
Two Hours. $19.99
Excerpts and clips from Chicago's TV heyday! Memories galore as you take a time-trip back to recall: Bozo's Circus, Creature Features, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Uncle Johnny Coons, Susan's Show, Ding Dong School, Elmer the Elephant, Treetop House, Here's Geraldine, Jim Lounsbury, Kiddie-A-Go-Go, Svengoolie, Super Circus, Captain Kangaroo, Garroway at Large, Garfield Goose, Lee Phillip, Wayne King, Ray Rayner and his Friends, Dick Tracy Show, It's Academic, Indian Test Pattern, and much more.  

NOTE: This video is no longer available through commercial sources due to licensing issues. Please don't ask me where to find it. Try eBay or some swap meets. It's a great video and worth the search!

Chicago TV Video 2

Kid's Stuff
One hour and 39 minutes. $19.99
Great memories of our early days on the small screen TV. Includes Hardrock, Coco & Joe, Suzy Snowflake, Frosty the Snowman, Peter Cottontail, Adventures of Spunky & Tadpole, The Mighty Hercules, five episodes of Clutch Cargo, The Funny Company, three episodes of Tom Teriffic, three episodes of Diver Dan.


NOTE: Unfortunately, Metro Golden Memories, the shop that carried this video no longer has an active web page.

"Chicago Television"
$19.99 from:generic graphic
Movies Unlimited
3015 Darnell Rd.
Philadelphia, PA 19154-3295

"Past and present Second City residents won't want to miss this salute to local Chicago shows from way back when. Includes clips from Don McNeill's Breakfast Club, Garfield Goose & Friends, and Svengoolie; sports action with the Cubs, Bears, Bulls and Black Hawks; complete episodes of Clutch Cargo, Diver Dan, Suzy Snowflake, and more; plus footage of the 1933 World's Fair; the Beatles at Comiskey Park, and the 1968 Democratic Convention. 120 minutes."

MBC T-shirtCommercial break, the gift shop at the

Museum of Broadcast Communications

The shop offers "video and audio tapes of old radio and TV shows, books, documentaries, old magazine ads, personality and museum t-shirts, shorts, caps, ties, jewelry, mugs, magnets, old and new working radios and recording equipment, radio buff collectibles, and children's books.

Ray Rayner Book

The Story of Television

Ray Rayner

You may find this on

Spotted on eBay
Good luck finding, but it exists. Here's the description from eBay:
A rare, beautiful copy of "WGN: A PICTORIAL HISTORY," a wonderful hardcover book published in 1961, about the time WGN-TV/Radio moved from the Tribune Tower to its present home at 2501 W. Bradley Place in CHICAGO, ILLINOIS. This book spans station activities from its first broadcast in the early 1920s through the early 1960s. Famous national radio shows, political events, music shows, news events, sports including the Chicago Cubs, Company personnel/vehicles/equipment photos, and of course their kiddie shows are all covered here, as well as the station personalities that made them famous: Frazier Thomas, Wally Phillips and Bob (Bozo) Bell, Ned Locke (Mr.Ned/Uncle Ned), Robert "Bob" Trendler, Fran Allison (also of KUKLA,FRAN & OLLIE), Jack Brickhouse, Vince Lloyd, Tim Conway, Orion Samuelson, and many more are included. Kids shows like "GARFIELD GOOSE AND FRIENDS", "DING DONG SCHOOL", "THE BLUE FAIRY", "PADDLEBOAT" (with Ned Locke), and "LUNCHTIME LITTLE THEATER" (the predecessor to "Bozo's Circus") are among those covered. This book was published in '61, about the time of the move to 2501 W. Bradley Place, and the same time "Lunchtime Little Theater" was morphing into "Bozo's Circus", and while there are no "Circus" pictures in the book, the future "Bozo" stars were all in place, doing other shows, and it's interesting to see them in another context! A super time capsule of one of the greatest TV/radio stations in the United States. 111 pp., DOZENS OF GREAT AND NOSTALGIC PHOTOGRAPHS! Great Reference, too! I was originally told this book was published for WGN employees - I don't know if that is true or not, but I can tell you this is a RARE BOOK!


Little Theater

The Little Theatre Screen magazine
c. 1994. Last seen at the Commercial break, the gift shop at the Museum of Broadcast Communications.  

This one-time run features a very comprehensive interview with Bill Jackson as well as some other interesting bits.

The BlobGigglesnort Hotel and Cartoon Town

videos, posters, and pics are available at:
The Fun Company
P.O. Box 1086
Templeton, CA 93465


Original Clutch Cargo Production cells

are available from The Van Eaton Galleries.

Clutch Cell

The Goose

A "Garfield Goose" print of

an original painting by Roy "Cookie the Clown" ??? Roy What?

is available from the Museum of Broadcast Communication's

Commercial Break Gift Shop.

Journey to the Beginning of Time

The movie "Journey to the Beginning of Time"

that was shown as a serial can apparently be bought from Mad Monster Video.


NOTE: Unfortunately, Mad Monster video no longer has an active web page.

Creature Features

The Creature Features Theme and intro by WGN's Marty McNeely

are available on a CD from


The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television

The Golden Age of Chicago Children's Television

looks to be the definitive tome of the genre. $17.95 from from Lake Claremont Press

What Happens at a Television Station

Arthur Shay

You can occasionally find this gem on eBay or If you are patient, you can borrow it through inter-library loan from your local branch.



Cuddly Dudley (a/k/a Cuddley Dudley)

Most of these kinds of things can be found on eBay ... just a warning, they've gotten quite expensive

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