Family Classics: Chicago Film "Noir"


In 1962, Frazier Thomas added another program to his schedule at WGN, "Family Classics with Frazier Thomas." Thomas not only hosted classic film, but he also personally selected titles and edited them to conform to the framework of good taste for the entire family to see. For his work on this program, as well as "Garfield Goose and Friends," he received Emmy Awards from the Chicago Academy of Television Arts and Sciences. Thomas began his broadcast career with WLW Radio in Cincinnati as a commentator. He then moved to WKRC-TV in Cincinnati and introduced the Garfield Goose character and in 1951 moved to Chicago. Frazier Thomas passed away on April 3, 1985, at the age of 66.
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Chicago Film Noirette

Coco with a snowball...and Joe

Here comes Suzy Snowflake

Burl Ives is better

You can find the words to Suzy Snowflake here.  


Find Hardrock, Suzy, and Frosty here:


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