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"Garfield Goose and Friends" was introduced in April of 1955 with Frazier Thomas as "Prime Minister" to Garfield Goose's "King of the United States." In 1976, Garfield Goose bought Bozo's Circus when Ringmaster Ned retired.


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Journey to the Beginning of Time


Four boys take a rowboat out in Central Park, pass through a tunnel, and find themselves traveling down a river that leads them backward through time. Along its banks, they see the spectacle of the prehistoric animal world, brought to life by the Czech animator Karel Zeman, who also made celebrated films based on the works of Jules Verne, and on the Baron Munchausen tales. Zeman's style is technically primitive, yet it has a delicate, mysterious poetry. This might be an especially good film for very young children -- Zeman's dinosaurs aren't threatening, but they aren't wimpy, either. No Barneys here. ( "Journey to the Beginning of Time" film review)


"Cesta do praveku" (1955) Directed by Karel Zeman; Writing credits: William Cayton, J.A. Novotny;     Genre: Adventure / Children's / Sci-Fi Credited cast overview: Vladimir Bejval -- Jo-Jo, Petr Herrman -- Tony, Zdenek Hustak -- Ben, Jósef Lukas -- Doc; Also Known As: Journey to Prehistory (1955), Journey to the Beginning of Time (1955); Runtime: USA: 83 / 93 Country: Czechoslovakia.

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The Magic Hands





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