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Before there was 90210, there was 02134!  

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bulletNina, Joe, Jon, Tommy, Tracy, Nancy, Kenny (season 1)
bulletAnn, Maura, David, Jay, Bernadette, Luis, Leon, Danny, Lori, Edith, Neal (season 2)
bulletDonna, Mike, Timmy, Rose, Hector, Shawn, Danny (season 3)
bulletCate, Tishy, Tracey, Carmen, Andrae, Red, Harvey, Norman, David, Tommy (season 4)
bulletRon, Chris, Nell, Jennifer, Karen, Levell, Arcadio (season 5)
bulletJohn, Nicholas, Caroline, Susan, Shona, Chee, Amy (season 6)



The Power
The Electric Company

Listen to the theme from DeeT's 70s Page: 70s Children's TV.  

Also, have a look at David Horowitz's Electric Company Page.


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