Bill Jackson and the

original disgruntled postal employee,

Dirty Dragon


Cartoon Town
Remember Cartoon Town?

Postmaster Dragon yelling "There's no mail today! Fie on the mail!"


"Whozit," where the audience was invited to guess the identity of famous cartoon characters B.J. drew on the air.


Mother Plumtree's easy-to-fix recipies like "Chocolate Muzzie."


Town Monument Blob, who couldn't decide what he wanted to be...and spoke in "mood" talk.


Wally and Weird in Snickers Park.


The Lemon Joke Kid flying over head in an heliocopter and dropping lemons with jokes that puckered whoever read them.



Gigglesnort Hotel
Remember Gigglesnort Hotel?
bulletB.J., the desk clerk, trying to keep happy a very eccentric and rambunctious clientele.
bulletDirty Dragon, the janitor, who ate more coal than he put in the furnace.
bulletHotel statuary Blob who was in love with the statue of Florence Nightengale in the park across the street.
bulletCaptain Gigglesnort, who thought his hotel was a ship.
bulletA cast of memorable villains, namely Dr. DoomPuss, The Lemon Joke Kid, and The Slob.
bulletThe Shusher, a mysterious guest residing below the hotel's furnace room whom B.J. called upon to bestow peace and calm over the hotel.

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Weird and the Blob      With Blob


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